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About Tagaytay provides information about the "Second Summer Capital of the Philippines", its history, geography, population, its attractions: tourists, historical, cultural and natural, annual festivals and events. All you need to know about Tagaytay.

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About Tagaytay. With just an hour and a half away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Tagaytay is a perfect first stop for tourists. Tagaytay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. 

Cool climate due to its high altitude, earned Tagaytay its title as the second summer capital of the Philippines. The serene surroundings and cool climate also gave Tagaytay its reputation as the center for spiritual retreat. Tagaytay provides a spectacular view of Taal Volcano. 




Tagaytay Activities.  Tagaytay is a great place for leisure.  Tagaytay is a host to amusement centers, including world-class golf courses, skating rinks, horse trails, hotels and restaurants.    

Tagaytay Climate. Blessed with cool mountain air all year round, Tagaytay has an average temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius.

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Tagaytay History.  Prior to becoming a city in 1938, Tagaytay was a small mountain village for some 300 families.  Because of the vast potentials as a recreational center, development boomed in the 1970’s when investors began building, quickly transforming Tagaytay into a modern city.


Tagaytay Geography. Tagaytay is located 55 kilometers south of Manila.  Tagaytay is the highest point in Cavite, Philippines. It lies on top of the Tagaytay Ridge at 640 meters above sea level. Tagaytay is a 65-square kilometer city.


Places To Visit in Tagaytay.  Have your picnic and horseback riding at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. Tee off in any of two Tagaytay’s championship courses, including the Tagaytay Highlands Golf Club.  Visit Taal Volcano, enjoy the unobstructed view of the volcano that Tagaytay offers, or trek to its rim if you’re the athletic type.

Relax at Tagaytay’s Japanese Friendship Garden, just beside the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. This 1,200 square meter park brings Tagaytay’s guests closer to nature in vast greeneries and manicured lawn.  All in all, Tagaytay is a perfect escape from the Philippines’ generally tropical climate.



Tagaytay Trip Guide.  Tagaytay can be reached either through South Expressway or Coastal Road. The shortest route to Tagaytay is via South Expressway through Carmona.  This leads to Tagaytay passing through the towns of Bacoor, Imus and Dasmarinas. Alternatively, Coastal Road from Pasay City that leads to Aguinaldo Highway can be taken.

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