A Fine Place Baguio, Philippines is an upscale vacation  lodging for individuals with discerning taste.  Time-sharing real estate that provides elegant full living amenities more than other hotels, inns, transient apartments, cottages, rooms, vacation houses for transients, pensions or pension houses, retreat houses, condotel, can offer at reasonable cost.

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Baguio Properties

Unit A / B  In a scenic subdivision near Marcos highway. Eight minutes drive from Burnham Park & Baguio City market, 10 minutes from Session Road. 




Unit A  Elegant 2-bedroom vacation house.  | showcase | features | From P2500 per night for 2 persons* Book

The property provides scenic view of Mount Santo Tomas and the surrounding mountains. Quiet neighborhood.  Gated 6-car port. 

Unit B  Functional apartelle-type.  Great outdoor. | showcase | features | From P1200 per night for 2 persons* Book


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Private accommodation. Fine vacation lodging.

Fine lodging with touch of a hotel and  feel of a home.  Home as you would like it to be.  We get comments like --Wish I could own such a lovely vacation house! -- from our guests.  Our System is about making this wish come true. Our System is designed to provide an accommodation, a lodging, a hotel, an inn, that feels like home.  It is about giving our guests the feeling that they own a house in Baguio -- less the hassles and the costs  of owning.   They use it as they  use rooms in  hotels or inns, only if they need an accommodation.

Private, the way home should be. Extremely private residential real estates - no "For Rent" signs.  Strictly by reservation. Ocular visits allowed on appointment only, when there are no guests. Precise locations are selectively disclosed for  privacy of our guests. The site map in this website is password-protected and given only to those who finally commit.
Clean, well-kept lodging.  Just like in upscale hotels or inns.  The house is maintained by staff trained to do housekeeping the 5-star hotel way.
And more!   Unlike normal hotels or inns, we take care of small details, like making kitchen wares and dinner wares available. This if guests prefer to cook, and spend quality time with their family.  

Some words from our guests:   Very clean, well-maintained, good service. | Hope I could own such a lovely house. | It's a lovely place. | It's like a hotel! | Different from transient houses I've been to. | Rate seems expensive at first, but certainly worth it.| Ideal place for a family retreat, very relaxing. (names witheld for privacy


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(00632) 6460231;
(+63) 9 176286792;
(+63) 9 228498558
(call from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
*)  *Philippines' Standard Time is GMT+8. Know more

About Baguio.  A unique city in an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, Baguio is the Philippines’ recreation center of choice. Baguio is the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”.  During the Christmas season, Baguio glows with cool winter breeze. Know more  About Baguio

Baguio Geography. Baguio is 254 kilometers north of Manila.  Baguio is in the Province of Benguet. Baguio has an area of 49 square kilometers enclosed in a perimeter of 30.6 kilometers. Baguio’s average elevation is 5,000 ft. above sea level. Know more About Baguio

Baguio Climate. Baguio keeps its cool at about 26 degrees centigrade when Manila sizzles at about 35 degrees centigrade. Months November to February are Baguio’s coldest when temperature drops to as low as 15 degrees centigrade. November to May is Baguio’s peak tourist season.  Know more  About Baguio

Baguio History. The Spaniards explored Baguio in the19th century. The Americans later carved and designed Baguio to be the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio became a chartered city on September 1, 1909. Know more  About Baguio

Places to go in Baguio. Tour Baguio's scenic places. View them, take a Baguio Virtual Tour.  Discover. Baguio’s Mines View Park. Baguio’s Session Road.  Baguio’s Wright Park.  Baguio’s Camp John Hay.  Baguio’s Burnham Park. Baguio’s Lourdes Grotto. Baguio’s The Mansion.  Baguio Cathedral.  Baguio’s Kennon Road.  Baguio’ Lion's Head. 

Baguio Festivals and Events. Baguio Holy Week Panagbenga, The Baguio Flower Festival, February. Baguio Foundation Day, September 1st  More   Baguio Panagbenga


* Philippines' Standard Time is GMT+8. Know more


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